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De postbode heeft het maar druk met postcrossing, de kaarten blijven op de mat vallen, de ene kaart nog mooier als de ander en allemaal versierd met geweldige postzegels.

Van Uladzimir uit Minsk  komt deze kaart van het Mir-kasteel.  De kaart heeft de 1483 km in 8 dagen afgelegd. Kaarten uit Minsk zijn snel hier, andersom zijn ze lang onderweg. Hij schrijft: Hello Elly, Greatings from Minsk, Belarus. I hope you”ll like this card. all the best and good luck. -12 C, Minsk, Uladzimir.

Hello, Labas! I hope you like this card! My name is Kristina, I’m 17 years, I live in Lithuania, in a little town called Silale. This winter is really cold. We didn’t go to school for couple days. Yesterday there was -26, so I stayed at home. What’s the weather in Netherlands? 🙂 Happy Postcrossing, Kristina. Haar kaart deed 7 dagen over de 1144 km.

De kaart van Shannon heeft tot nu toe de meeste kilometers afgelegd, 16.489 km in 7 dagen.Uit Melbourne schrijft ze: Dearest Elly, my name is Shannon. This is one of the most populair places in my city Melbourne. There are many Greek and Italians here. Brilliant coffee and food and cinema. Todday was my first day at a new school…it is so different to my old school, and it’s okay. Some nice people, some not nice people. Happy postcrossing Shannon Downling.

Uit de USA komt de kaart van Ruth: 6712 km in 4 dagen Greetings, It is the morning after Super Bowl Sunday. I went to a party to watch the commercials, screw the game, that started with a pre-game viewing of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, a pot-lock feast, and the opening of an impressive bar assembled by the rest of the attenders. I worked the night shift and left immediatly after the last play. Busy night at work. Now I have 2 days of, and I’m puppy-sitting my brothers 65 pound “puppy”bulldog. Cheers, Ruth smith.

Nog een kaart uit the States. Valerie woont op 6318 km en 6 dagen van hier. Ze schrijft: Hi Elly. I love taking pictures with  my Canon as well. This card is a photo of my backyard. We live very close to the city of Cleveland and Lake Erie. Right now I work as a goldsmith making jewelry. I very mutch enjoy working with my hands. I too write a blog. Happy postcrossing Valerie.

Matthias ( 348 km en 6 dg) schrijft vanuit Duitsland: Hello Elly there are greetings from your neighbering country. I live with my family in the near from the small town Lüneburg and we have a large nature reserve “the Lüneburger Heide”(heath) In our area are the most sheep and horses in Germany. The purple heather blooms from lat July to Oktober and then a lot of tourists are here. Yes, it’s very livable in our aera. All the best for you and best wishes from Matthias.

Uit Polen komt een geweldige kaart, van dit soort plaatjes hou ik, en aan de postzegels is ook zorg besteed. Kaska heeft in mijn profiel gezien dat ik Brits Korthaar katten heb, en ik kreeg daar een prachtige postzegel van. Dit vind ik superlief. Kaska schrijft: Hello Elly. sending you my warmest greatings from Poland. My name is Kaska. I’m 30 Y.O. I love every kind of postcards. I collect cards since I was kid, when I get from my friend card ( made in Czech) at christmas. It was chockolate horses on turqose back ground. De kaart heeft de 834 km in 11 dagen afgelegd.

Uit Moskou komt de kaart van Bazil ( 2114 km en 23 dg) Hello, usually I aren’t verbose in a card strangely enough but when  seen that you spread them in a blog, have thougt that it will be a shame to write nothing. It is fine to live at the sea, to have a such good camera , succesful photo’s and cards.